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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The List

"One More Girl"
Before I go outta this world, I just want to meet one more girl, one girl who could show me the way. one woman who'll stay, and stay! One person who really cares about me. Oh yeah, Me Me Me. But, I've given so much, can't you see? When we do connect, what a change there'll be, when you bring out the love inside of me. Just be true, and just be you, you'll love me baby, and I'll love you too! You, and what you need. When we're together or far apart, you'll feel the love, from deep in my heart!

"Crazy Over You"
Crazy, crazy over you, call me crazy for the things I do, nothing after work to do, just beer, and wine, and cigarettes , ok , maybe a few regrets, regrets over losing you, so go ahead and call me crazy, if you want to, but Girl if I'm crazy, I'm crazy over you. So don't tell me to find something else to do, I can sit around and be crazy over you, if I want to, Sue. So here's to you, Suzie Q!Everything you do comes back to you, just wait and see, all the things we did will come back to you and me. All the love we shared, I only wish you really cared. I can't stop loving you, but you're not here, so what do I do? Just sit around and think of you? Well, I guess that's what I'll do, just sit around and think of you. So here's to you, Suzie Q !

"Midnight Craving"
I got a midnight craving for alcohol, and there's nothing I can do about it at all. All I got left, is a half a beer. and now I'm stuck right here. I knew I shoulda bought some wine, or a fifth of something oh so fine. Something with more kick, than this Schlitz. Yeah I got a midnight craving for alcohol, and there's nothing I can do about it at all. Yeah I got a midnight craving for alcohol.

A pretty woman can always have her way,
she can go, or she can stay.
They know they're in demand.
The heart of any man, they can command.
They can run your life, they can ruin your life,
if you let "em. No big deal to them,
how you feel, but to you, it all seems so un-real.
How they can change their man like a new pair of shoes,
then they calmly break you the news.
You're out, he's in, don't bother thinking about what could have been.
Just move on, and be thankful for the time you had,
get a grip, don't feel so sad. You said some things,
you shouldn't have said.
Now you're feeling you'd be better off dead.
But listen to her, one last time,
the hard cold truth you got to get it into your mind!
It's time to move on. Your cook, your maid,
your Lover is Gone. Yeah listen to her one last time.
It's time to move on. Your cook, your maid,
your Lover,
is Gone.

"If you leave something behind"
If you leave something behind,
you're gonna have to make up your mind, and either go get what you're thinking of,
or go ahead and leave it behind.
But you gotta go back, or go forward. And don't you dare change your mind.
Go back, or go forward. Or every step you take you're further behind.
And if you wanna live the good life, and you want it all of the time, you'll have to have the right solution, now you got it all on the line, you're gonna have to make up your mind, and either get it back, or leave it behind.

"Road Trip"
I took my pay and bought a ticket for a Greyhound Bus. I headed north. Just had to clear my head, from all the confusion, and the fuss. I told her I was tired of trying so hard to make everybody happy, and watching them look so blue. She said, that's alright, you aint got it to do! Get on down the road, I can find a replacement for you! Once you're gone I'll have a lot more time, to stop living your life, and start living mine! I'll have a man in our bed, before your first stop, might be a lawyer, hell, might be a cop! I'll be better off without you, anyway, so why the hell should I try to make you stay?
I've been up here now, I guess, about three years. She calls me up, and she's all in tears. Oh won't you come back down? I just can't make it baby, without you around. You were the only man for me. Come on back, and I'll make you see. We can still have a life so fine, Baby you and me! Come on back, before I lose my mind! Well, girl you know, I loved you dear, and I'll think about it, while I'm out tonight, just having a beer. You want a caretaker, and that aint me. I can't help it if your life aint the way you want it to be. I gave it my all, but you never gave that back to me. Oh girl, can't you see? I'll think about it. Yeah, I'll think about it. I'll think about it, but for both our sakes, well I'll probably just stay here, just stay here and have another beer.

"Pretty Pictures"
Pretty pictures on the wall, get off that railing, before you fall. Come on over, anyone, you just can’t imagine, all the fun! It’s happening here, above the street. Go somewhere else, if you want to eat. Listen to the river move along. Get it right now, for a song.
Passing cars, and cloudy days, get your mind set, forty ways. Give it up, or hold on tight. Just let the day drift into night. It’s raining now, so don’t be shy. There ain’t no need to wonder why. I’ve got my problems, so do you. What it is, or ain’t, ain’t nothing new. Life will go on, with, or without you.
Feeling good here’s not a crime. No need for guilt, just passing time.

"Don't tell me no lies"
Once I happened to meet, a lovely girl walking down the street, she said she couldn't resist my eyes, then she said, Just one thing, Don't tell me no lies. I said, would you like to see my place, it's just up the stairs. Lead the way my man, was all she said. So I got her a beer, from the ice box, and then she threw off her shoes, and her socks. This place aint so bad, she said with a smile. Tell me about it, and all this gear, I might just like to stay for a while. Yea, tell me about it, and all this stuff here. I might just like to stay for a while. Just don't tell me no lies.

“The Candle Song”
I almost lit a candle, the other night, while I was getting romantic, with my wife. But you’ve ruined all of that for me, in my life.
One look at that flame, and the melting wax, and I just can’t stop those memories, from coming back. Red, white, and blue, melting wax, and me and you, maybe some brown mixed in there too. And they each had their own special scent, girl do you remember, how much it meant ? It meant so much, because it was a product of me and you ! Just something that we both, liked to do, making love, while our creation grew!
That ceramic vase you found, broken handle and a chip or two, but just right for what you had in mind to do! So you had me glue a plate to the top of it, pretty soon we had three candles lit. Red white and blue, three little flames, and me and you, holding hands, and praying to heaven, Lord our country needs your help right now, and that was just after nine-eleven.But time goes on, and we did too, while our creation just grew, and grew! Night after night in each others arms, how could everything have gone so wrong? Too many beers, and too many tears.
We cleaned up the mess, the morning after it got busted, but things were never quite the same, I guess we lost the flame. I couldn’t stop the drinking, but neither could you. All I can say is, I’m sorry Sue. So sorry about me and you.

"Take a Chance on Me"
If by chance we should happen to meet, if we run across each other on the street, could you be the one? Maybe you and I could have some fun, we're just as entitled to it, as anyone. You got that look in your eyes, just like me, you're sick of all the lies, scared to trust, or count on anyone, they say, I love you baby, then they turn around and run.
You deserve so much better than that. Still, I believe you'd risk it all, if you had the chance, risk being hurt one more time. Hope could make you lay it all on the line. Hoping to find a love so fine. Come on baby, take a chance on me, I'll take the time to try and make you see, you didn't go wrong, when you took a chance on me.
Come on baby, take a chance on me.

“Don’t make me a Fool”
I went on down and into the bar. She said what you doing here? Don’t you know you’re barred? I said, oh, come on please, I’ll behave, don’t make me leave. She said, if I give you one more chance, are you going to make a fool of me? Because if so, then I wish that you’d just go! I said oh, no! No, no, no, I’ll be good, and I’ll be good to you, I’ll even tip your cup, and you’ll see it’s true! Oh baby, I’ll be good to you!
So she let me stay for a while, every now and then she even gave me a smile. Weren’t too long, and I was feeling good! I put my money in her jar, like I knew I should. But myself, I can never trust. All it takes is a little buzz, for me to start acting the fool. So I asked her if she’d like to play some pool.
Well, we aint got no table you know. So now I think it’s time for you to go! We aint got no table “round here! So now I think you need to just finish your beer! Just finish your beer my dear, and get on out of here!
Don’t try and make me a fool! You know we aint got no pool! The next thing you know, you’ll be asking me, do I want to go Swimming? Oh no!..no, no, no! Just finish your beer, and go! Just finish your beer, my dear, and get on out of here!

“Bartender to Drunk”
She said to me, you’re a handsome man, but you got a problem, you know. I said, yeah, yeah I know. You can’t handle your Booze, she said. You let it handle you. I said, yeah, yeah I know. Why can’t you change? She said to me. I don’t know, was my reply. Well, until you can, just keep going in the gutter, and die! I don’t have time, to care, or cry. I have a life to live, and a whole lot of love to give! But not to someone who can’t even love them self! So go on and ruin your life! But do it somewhere else! I don’t want to see! So just go on, and let me be! Now would you? Now would you, Please?

"I Needed You"
We'll is it another beer, or a cigarette,
which one is gonna put me to rest? They both taste good, but I don't know which one I like the best. When I'm all done with my beer, I guess I'll have another cigarette, but I still don't know which one I like the best, I just know, the beer's about gone.
Cigarettes, well, yeah, I still have a few,
but it's a sad shame, between the two, I
lost what I needed most in this world, yeah damn it girl, I needed you! But I was too stupid to see, how bad you needed me, not the old drunk, stinky guy, but me, to lay down by your side, and not need a beer, or a cigarette, just being so happy for the love that I get, and not make you feel, second best, to a damn beer, or a cigarette.

In the game of life, we don't always get the cards we're looking for. Just when you think you've hit the bottom, lady luck comes round and knocks you down some more. When you came along, I had given up, and was about to fold. But you showed me your love, was there to have and to hold. In the middle of a cold black storm, your sunshine caressed me, and it kept me warm! Now my days are sunny and bright, your love and your kindness are there in the night.
It's worse than any nightmare, just to think of how it could have been. The booze and the drugs it seemed would have no end! But now that I've found you, and I can wrap my arms around you, well it's not hard to see, just what a fool I'd been. The way I wasted precious time it was a crying sin. Your sunshine's been the answer to my every prayer. The dark clouds have all scattered, now your warmth is there! Now all it takes to get me high is just to see your face, your loving smile has turned my world into a different place.You're my lifeblood, you're my perfect friend! You're the one I know will be there for me, till the end!
Sunshine I Love you! Sunshine I need you! Sunshine shine down, on me!

"What's the Matter"
What's the matter, are you thinking of
something that's new? Or, are you maybe, just afraid of, something someone said? Is it so important to you? Don't you have time to be true? Or maybe it's just time, for me to be through with you. Don't you think that I know, just the way that you feel? I know that it's hard, but why can't you for once just be real? Come out and show me the way that you feel. I won't be hurt, or think less of you baby, all that I want, is just, just a little truth, maybe.You just might find when you leave me behind, there was just a little something, wrong in your mind. Yeah, I think you just might find when you leave me behind, there was just a little something, wrong in your mind. Yeah, I think there mighta been a little something wrong in your mind.

You were a child of the fifties, sock hops, and soda-pop. Alice Cooper was my idol, seems we're a world apart, but love and friendship was no problem, we were in each others' hearts, face to face, and down and dirty, right from the very start. Gut feelings shared between us, it seems weren't very smart, for man's a selfish creature, and now from me your love is lost.
There ain't too many things that I'd call crucial in my life, but having you to turn to, made an odd thing seem alright. But there ain't no use denying, as time goes rolling by, I'm gonna get that urge, and when I do, I'll just spread my wings, and fly. So tell me what's the point, in being happy for a day? Sweet woman you don't deserve it, I've already gone away. You need to find yourself a good man, who'd never leave you flat. I just ain't up to being, the one who can give you that.
Yes, man's a selfish creature, and now from me, your love is lost. Your love is lost, your love is lost. Yes man's a selfish creature, and now from me your love is lost.

"Lost in solitude"
Lost in solitude, my thoughts always return to you. God I feel so blue. A moment in time, not to think about you, well for that, God knows what I'd do. My life's been full of ups and downs, but this time, I'm really turned around. Oh Sue, what can I do, with all of this, You, You, You? Our lives were so close to being true, but I stole you away from a pretty good friend, of course this is how me and you should end. Some guy takes you away from me. Now I gotta live with what will be. Realizing you're no longer with me.Yeah he's got you now, but for how long? Won't be long, and with another you'll be gone. So, go ahead, run around. Run around Sue. It's all you know how to do.
Yeah go ahead, run around. Run around Sue.
It's all you know how to do.

Let the worries of the world, just slip away. You're safe right here with me, right here with me, in our, our little, Sanctuary.
Well there aint no phone, no TV set, what you see, is what you get, but it's warm in here, and you can usually find a beer.
Yeah baby, you're safe right here, right here with me, in our, our little Sanctuary.
"All You Say I Am"
I'm all you say I am, I'm a cheat, I'm a liar, I could set your heart on fire. I'm a kind man, I'm a butt hole, I'm a guy with a heart as black as coal. I'm a sweet-heart who'd never hurt you, I'll be the first one to desert you, I'm the one you always wanted, but somebody you just don't need. I'm all you say I am, I'm all you say I am, I'm all you say I am, and more. And so much more.

"Poor Man"
When a poor man has a little cash, there's nothing that a beautiful woman, can not ask, she can ask the world of him, his very last dime, he'll be happy to spend. Money don't mean that much, when you're looking for that special touch. Oh girl, to me, you mean so much! Just to have the opportunity, to feel you, next to me, well girl I know it is not free. And if I wind up broke, and all alone, well at least I'll know I tried, yeah, tried
to take you home. Come on baby! Come on home with me! Oh well, maybe next time.

“Thoughts of You”
Thoughts of you are on my mind,
day and night, and when we’re apart,
you’re forever in my heart!
Though a generation apart,
I feel like a brand new man, in love for the very first time.
And when you come for me in the night;
you kiss and hold me so tight,
I know our love is right! Love for me,
you see, doesn’t come easily,
that’s why I know you were sent from above,
especially for me to love!
I’ve given you all I have; I can’t give you no more.
For you see you have my Love,
and that’s the heart of me!
Written for me, and used by permission

“I Had a Great Dad!”
The concept of conserving resources, in an effort to save the world, has been on my mind, and I am going to elaborate here, on that concept. I brought up in my video, my experience of watching fellow in-mates waste toothbrushes. This I did with the understanding that many, who heard these words, would take it as a bit of a joke, as rightfully they should. I feel that in order to make a point, or even get some ones attention long enough to attempt to do so, you must first put yourself into their shoes, so to speak, and I myself am more apt to pay attention to something that at first, I find amusing.
The first counter point that comes to my mind is that if you were in jail, you should just be thankful you’re getting a toothbrush, free of charge, and not concern your self with what others are doing with their toothbrushes. Ah,.,., but to this I would reply, that’s my point, exactly. Society is paying the price for this toothbrush, and also the expense of disposing of the discarded item. Just because a person is in custody, does not, and should not, relieve them of social responsibility, in terms of the greater good, of that persons’ country, state, or world that they live in. If a person was buying the toothbrush every time they needed it, obviously, they would use it more than once, before discarding it. This is the kind of social behavior that causes high taxes, and also in the long run, the downfall of a society. To only conserve, when it is directly related to what amount you will personally gain or lose, in the short term, is a selfish, and hurtful way of thinking. As a society, we need to educate our children by example. I was taught as a child, that if I wasted things, I would get in trouble. I also learned by watching my father, and mother, go about their daily activities. My father would crush the empty milk jug, after rinsing it out, of course. I knew why he was doing this, without even being told. The crushed jug, took up much less space in the trash can, and by it being rinsed, did not attract ants, or gnats to the trash area. So you see, without saying a word to me, my father had taught me a valuable lesson. One day I wasn’t thinking too good, I guess, and I placed a gallon jug into the trash can without attempting to crush it, at all. My father was furious! He removed the jug, and crushed it in his powerful hands. But Dad, I cried, I’m just a kid; my hands aren’t as strong as yours. He looked at me, as if he was going to stay mad, but then he smiled, and said well, I guess you have a point there, but you could have stepped on it. I was relieved, he wasn’t mad anymore. After that I would never forget, that there was usually more than one way to accomplish a task.
To this day, I am thankful to my father, for not being a push over. Without strong leadership, and intelligent guidance, I feel that individuals become wasteful, and that is why I am so thankful I grew up with both.
Written By: John Young

“The Experiment that is Mankind”
Some people say: “There is no God, because if there was an all powerful God, who wanted good and peace in the world, he wouldn’t let things get in the shape they are, and allow bombs to drop on innocent people, and wars to rage, killing so many innocent people, and non combatants.”
This sounds like a good argument, but if you consider a God who created mankind as a group of people with brains in their heads, then wouldn’t he refrain himself from stepping in when things go wrong? So isn’t mankind a large experiment which will ultimately result in either success for peaceful and good intentions, or the downfall of humans, at the hands of those who rebel against the teachings of God?
What will your part in the experiment be?
Written By: John Young

A man starts out as a slave, rowing in the hull of a pirate ship. He is an intelligent man, and a hard worker, so eventually he manages to work his way up, until he becomes captain of the ship, and the leader of the pirates.
His ship is the terror of the high seas, and feared by all. But as time goes on, he begins to wish he was a simple slave again, and didn't have to feel the shame, from the acts of his crew, and himself.
So he appoints one of his best men as the new captain. Soon he is made to walk the plank, and is eaten by sharks.
And the moral of the story is: Don't strive to be good at something you don't believe in!
Written By: John Young

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