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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Road Trip

"Road Trip"
I took my pay and bought a ticket for a Greyhound Bus. I headed north. Just had to clear my head, from all the confusion, and the fuss. I told her I was tired of trying so hard to make everybody happy, and watching them look so blue. She said, that's alright, you aint got it to do! Get on down the road, I can find a replacement for you! Once you're gone I'll have a lot more time, to stop living your life, and start living mine! I'll have a man in our bed, before your first stop, might be a lawyer, hell, might be a cop! I'll be better off without you, anyway, so why the hell should I try to make you stay?
I've been up here now, I guess, about three years. She calls me up, and she's all in tears. Oh won't you come back down? I just can't make it baby, without you around. You were the only man for me. Come on back, and I'll make you see. We can still have a life so fine, Baby you and me! Come on back, before I lose my mind! Well, girl you know, I loved you dear, and I'll think about it, while I'm out tonight, just having a beer. You want a caretaker, and that aint me. I can't help it if your life aint the way you want it to be. I gave it my all, but you never gave that back to me. Oh girl, can't you see? I'll think about it. Yeah, I'll think about it. I'll think about it, but for both our sakes, well I'll probably just stay here, just stay here and have another beer.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If you leave something behind

"If you leave something behind"
If you leave something behind,
you're gonna have to make up your mind, and either go get what you're thinking of,
or go ahead and leave it behind.
But you gotta go back, or go forward. And don't you dare change your mind.
Go back, or go forward. Or every step you take you're further behind.
And if you wanna live the good life, and you want it all of the time, you'll have to have the right solution, now you got it all on the line, you're gonna have to make up your mind, and either get it back, or leave it behind.