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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The addiction of being addicted

The addiction of being addicted
    the addiction to being addicted to something is a self fulfilling prophesy. A person who smokes a pack a day of tailor made cigarettes looks at his pack and sees a task ahead of them, that is "to smoke all those cigarettes in a timely fashion" (of course this is sub conscience thinking. They consider themselves to be thinking about how to avoid running out) addiction to other substances might sometimes work in a similar way. But the easiest way to make my point is with tailor made cigarettes and pouch tobacco. The smoker looks at his pack, and makes a decision to use or not to use, based on how much is left, when it's gone you'll have a new mission, get more, when it's there, your job is to use it, and when it runs out your job is to get more, in this way you never run out of something to do .,., Yay .,., not really, Boo would be more accurate. Because you are allowing them to run your life. What it comes down to is you need to find something else to do, especially in the case of tobacco. I was a smoker for 35 years, but have finally rid myself of tobacco, and this line of thinking was a big help to me, I think.

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