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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Glad You Weren't Hurt, Son"

Back about a hundred years ago, when I was about six or seven, I happened to be home all by my lonesome, and was fooling around with the electric train set in the basement that my Dad (along with us kids) had been putting together.
The Transformer was of course fascinating to me, so I removed the housing to get a better look. Big Wires .,., Hmmm.,., Black wires with caps, Red wires with caps. Maybe I could make the train go backwards if I remove the caps, and put 'em all together .,., BLAM!
In retrospect .,., Not such a good idea. Blew the plug right outta the wall and killed all power to the house. My Dad (and Mom, and brothers and sister) showed up not long after the explosion. Son, you coulda burned the house down! (looking at the big black spot on the wall, over the outlet) What were you thinkin!?! The electricity flowing through them wires is enough to have killed you, he explained as the shock was wearing off. After I had promised never to do anything that stupid again, he said, well. I'm glad you were'nt hurt, Son. Guess we need to make a trip to Builder's Square .,., we're gonna need a new Transformer.

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