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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It all worked out for the best

The sun came up that morning just like it always does, but that day was to be no ordinary day, that day would be a day that changed everything .,., for a while. Going to school had always been something to avoid, for me. But something was different now that I was going to high school, and was trying out for the Washington High school football team of 1975. I was 14, and had played the previous year in a little league setting for Mallory Heights (little did I know I would be with them again soon).
We hadn't even been given pads, or helmets yet, but I knew it was still important to perform well and behave myself, like not getting in a fight .,., so .,., when Tom Cat intentionally kicked me in the groin, it was all I could do not to let 'em have it. After a few choice words it was decided we would settle it after practice. When practice was over we met up in front of the school. There were four or five of his friends with him, I was alone. My Dad had come to pick me up, and was sitting in his Cadillac a few feet away. He saw what was going on, and said, "Come on and get in the car son, you don't have to fight that boy" but when I turned to look at my Dad, Tom Cat hit me in the head. I heard my Dad say, "Get 'em!" So I did. Only one problem, as I slammed his head down on the concrete, my left hand was underneath, softening the blow to his head, and breaking my hand. I was sitting on top of him, punching him when the coach pulled me off. He made me and Tom Cat run 3 laps around the practice field, (together) we talked out our differences, but, by the time I got back to where my Dad was, my hand was about 6" thick. The coach said to my Dad, "I think his hand is broke" who replied, "I can see that". He took me to the hospital, and we got a cast put on .,., which made a great weapon a few days later, when I went back to Mallory Heights, incidentally, it was one of the greatest years of my life, and we won the championship that year, so I guess, it all worked out for the best.

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